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Wörterbuch der Saho-Sprache [Dictionary of the Saho language] (1890)

by Leo Reinisch

Download the documentReinisch, Leo (1890) Wörterbuch der Saho-Sprache [Dictionary of the Saho language]. Wien: Alfred Hölder, p. VIII-402 (Second volume of the two-volumes set Die Saho-Sprache).

The Saho-German dictionary of Simon Leo Reinisch contains at least 3,000 main entries and several thousands of subentries, with many tentatives of etymologies, and a German-Saho index.


Schizzo del dialetto Saho dell’Alta Assaorta in Eritrea [Sketch of the Saho dialect of the High Asawurta in Eritrea](1913)

by Carlo Conti Rossini

Download the documentConti Rossini_Schizzo_coverThis is the second part of the article “Schizzo del dialetto saho dell’alta Assaorta in Eritrea” / nota di Carlo Conti Rossini. – Roma : Tip. della R. Accademia dei Lincei, 1913. – 98 p. ; 26 cm. (From: Rendiconti della Reale Accademia dei Lincei, V. XXII, Fasc. 5, Seduta del 18 maggio 1913). The first part is available here.

After the dictionary of Reinisch this work of Conti Rossini was the most important lexicographic and grammatical contribute to the knowledge of the Saho language (Asawurta variant) for many years. The lexicon contains about 900 entries Saho-Italian, with hundreds of subentries, Cushitic, Ethiosemitic and Nilo-Saharan related words, and an index Italian-Saho.

The article was published as a booklet in 1915.



L’Assaorta Saho. Vocabolario Italiano – Assaorta Saho [The Asawurta Saho. Italian – Asawurta-Saho Vocabulary] (1914)

by Ilario Capomazza

Capomazza_Assaorta (Cover)

Download the documentCapomazza, Ilario (1914) L’Assaorta-Saho. Vocabolario Italiano – Assaorta-Saho e Assaorta-Saho – Italiano (prima parte) [The Asawurta-Saho. Vocabulary Italian – Asawurta-Saho and Asawurta-Saho – Italian (first part)]. Napoli: Società Africana d’Italia, p. 74.

With an introduction, a brief sketch about the Asawurta people and language, short grammatical notes and a wordlist Italian – Asawurta-Saho of about 4,500 words.

This is the first part of what was originally published in 1910-1911 in the Bollettino della Società Africana d’Italia, vol. XXIX:166-181 and 213-224; vol. XXX: 131-139 and 173-181.


A basic Saho-English-Italian Dictionary (2003)

by Moreno Vergari and Roberta Vergari

Download the documentcopertinaThis is a version revised in 2007 of Moreno Vergari and Roberta Vergari (2003) A basic Saho-English-Italian Dictionary. Asmara: Sabur Printing Services.

Some parts of the original version (Contents, Alphabet and Orthography, English-Saho Index, Alphabetical list of botanical scientific names, Saho Bibliography, Corrigenda et Addenda) are not included here, as well as the Grammatical Notes (by Giorgio Banti and Moreno Vergari).

The revision mainly concerned some typographical errors. The authors are therefore aware of various inaccuracies that still exist. A new dictionary, completely revised and greatly expanded, is under preparation.



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