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The SahoArchive.org Project

The aim of this website is to collect as many materials as possible regarding the Saho-speaking communities of Eritrea and Ethiopia. Old and new articles and books, or simply excerpts from books that speak about the language, the history, the culture and the territory of the Saho. Audios, videos and pictures may also be added, as well as links to other websites.

The site will be regularly updated with new contents, so follow us!

SahoArchive has no political goals, but only the spreading of Saho knowledge and information about them. All the views expressed in the signed articles are of the authors.

Gaab noh isho!  

The celebration of the Mesqel among the Irob

The new video-doc about the celebration of the Mesqel among the Irob is now online! See at the right sidebar or here (High Quality – 1280×1080 – 1,3 GB) or here (Medium Quality 1280×720 – 272MB) or here (Low Quality (960×640 – 156 MB) 

How to write and read the Saho language

Saahot waani_ERI

Some attempts have been accomplished in the past in transcribing the Saho language, starting from the non-scientific transcription of Henry Salt (1814)¹, Antoine d’Abbadie (1843) and Heinrich Ewald (1844) till the Lepsius’² method followed by Leo Reinisch in his publications on Saho (from 1877 onwards).

Carlo Conti Rossini (1913) used what is known as “Italian transcription”³.

It was the linguist and missionary Francis E. Mahaffy that developed, at the beginning of the sixties of the XX century, a personal system of latin transcription for » Continue Reading.


A comprehensive online archive on Language, History and Culture of the Saho-speaking communities of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

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